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About Us

Who we are and what we do

The team behind Dragon Education and Training have over twenty years of experience working with teachers, students, and schools to provide imaging solutions. Dragon Education and Training was created in response to the demands of teachers for whom the most valuable resource is knowledge. Teachers want to know how and why they want to understand and to use their understanding to help them deliver better outcomes for their students. Teachers also want to be engaged in order to feel that their professional learning is valuable to their school, their students, but most importantly to themselves.  As available technologies continue to emerge and transform the way we do things, both in the classroom and in the real world, it is important to remember that knowing what the technologies are and how to use them is only a small piece of the puzzle; what is far more important is understanding why.

All of Dragon’s courses and programs are developed and presented by teachers for teachers, and they aim to address both the how and the why in order to make your professional learning: Relevant, Accessible, Hands-On & Applicable


7 Reasons - Why Dragon

NESA Accredited Training

All our courses are built around the AITSL teaching standards. This is more than just ticking boxes, we have worked extensively with NESA to ensure that every aspect of each course is helping you to improve your practice inside and outside the classroom.

Hands-On Learning

We believe in learning by doing, so all of our courses are Hands-on. Whether it’s for a practical process or a theory lesson we ensure that our courses not only provide engaging instruction to Teachers and students but also that they will get to touch hold move and practice the content for the classroom.

By Teachers for Teachers

Our courses and workshops have been developed by teachers who understanding that learning how to do and learning how to teach are not necessarily the same thing. This means that we focus on not only introducing concepts but also on programming and developing scope and sequences and classroom management. 

Subject Specific and Cross Curricula

Our understanding of the curriculum and the technologies available mean that Dragon can offer courses for specific subjects as well as developing skills and expertise that apply to Cross Curriculum, Project based and collaborative learning contexts. In an increasingly visual world, visual literacy and the ability to understand and use images are indispensable skills for every student.

Specialised Learning Environments 

Dragon’s learning spaces and facilities are unique. We offer Professional Photo and Video studios in our Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane offices, along with a range of dedicated learning spaces in each of our centers. The combination of classroom and studio environments means that whatever the learning activities you or your students are undertaking, whether it is 1 on 1 training or a year group excursion, we can accommodate you.

State of the Art Equipment

Our background and ongoing relationships with industry professionals mean that we are constantly updating our equipment and expertise with the latest technology. From VR and high-end Digital Cinema to Smartphones iPads and accessories training with Dragon means learning with the right equipment, advice, and support for your teaching context.

Easy Parking, Good Food, and Great Coffee.

Part of providing an environment that is conducive to learning means taking care of all those little distractions like what am I going to eat? Where can I get a coffee? how will I get there? With plenty of Parking easy access to public transport and fully catered courses Dragon takes care of everything, we even made sure that our chairs are comfy…