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Creating your own videos

to create your own video content.


If you are interested in creating your own video content without the need for a studio we can help. There are many ways and styles that you can imitate to create the video content that relates to you. These are just a few things to consider.


You don't have space.

But you still want to make video content.

Just because you don't have a studio doesn't mean that you can't make your own video content. Their heaps of people on social media and YouTube making videos without a studio. These videos can sometimes be a little inconsistent but with good Audio and lighting, you can get amazing results.


Indoor Locations

Shooting in an office or classroom.

There are many times that shooting with a classroom or office in the background can give you a visual narrative and help get information across that would otherwise need to be said.


This additional information can give

credibility to a corporate video,

atmosphere to an event video, 

a sense immersion in a documentary video.


these help.​

Things to Remember when not using a studio.

There are plenty of beautiful environments you can shoot in and each one will have its own challenges.

These are some of them:


This can be far more important then the image. People will listen to a video without watching it if the content is interesting. 



Lighting is something that people forget. Lets say you creating your own content in an office. This office has windows, and window light changes through out the day. this means that you have a 


Need Help?

These questions will help us come up with the best solution for you!

1. What are you shooting?

Are you shooting an interview, tutorial a piece to camera or a newsdesk? We would love to know!

2. What equipment do you already have?

Sometimes you can use what you already have, and incorporate it into your new studio!

3. What is the size of the space?

If you can email images + dimensions of your space, this will help us give you the right advice!

4. What is your budget?

This can be tricky but keep in mind how important good videos are, we can try and work with you to keep it around your budget.

5. Can you send us an example?

what type of videos you would like to achieve


We can use them to come to a good solution!


Others we have Helped

Our customers consist of some of the best in there fields. and these are the ones we built studios for.


  • UNSW Business School


  • Huffington post

  • UNSW Business School

  • Grays Online

  • John Monash Science School

  • And the list goes on. (but there my favourites)


Start creating your own content today.

With 3 stores around Australia, contacting us is easy.


  • Sydney (02) 9906 5488

  • Melbourne (03) 9415 8848

  • Brisbane (07) 3219 3803


Don't forget to visit our retail site.

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