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Overview of our Courses

We are constantly developing new courses. 
If you would like to register your interest in a particular course or have specific dates you would like a course to run, just click the 'contact us' button and let us know. 

One of our team will contact you to see how we can accommodate you.

Courses on Software

Courses on software

Learn Photoshop for Photographers with classroom exercises

This course is for beginners. You do not need any previous knowledge of Photoshop, photography or design. We will start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step. 
This is a course that teaches you how to edit your digital images and produce creative images. It is intended for photographers who wish to take the editing of their images to the next level using industry-standard software. Adobe Photoshop will be the photo editing software used in this course to editing original images and for producing creative effects to achieve maximum impact. Students will discover the scope of creative possibilities offered by Photoshop.


Learning and Teaching Adobe Lightroom with classroom exercises

This course unlocks the power of Lightroom as a teaching tool. Lightroom is part of the Creative Cloud package that is often overlooked and undervalued. Lightroom is much more than another version of Photoshop, it is a real Digital Darkroom that is both intuitive and responsive. Learning and Teaching Adobe lightroom takes you through the fundamentals of digital photography and gives you the skills and experience to use Lightroom to Manage Manipulate and Share all your photos. The course is focussed on teaching and learning so the workshop is also crammed full of programming ideas and resources to incorporate Lightroom into your teaching.


On-Line Classroom Activities for Adobe Lightroom

This course is designed to teach you four activities for Lightroom that you can do with your students. These cover development, cropping, masking and time-lapse. there is an A4 handout for each and a video walking you through the process. It is not a course on how to use Lightroom. there is another course for how to use Lightroom that is recommended to do first if you don’t have a good knowledge of how Lightroom works.


On-Line Learning how to Edit Videos in Adobe Premiere Rush

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor. ... Arrange video, audio, graphics, and photos by dragging and dropping. Intuitive tools let you trim and crop videos, adjust audio, enhance colour, and add video effects, titles, transitions, voiceovers, and more.


Learning and Teaching After Effects - 2 Day Intensive Workshop

After Effects is the giant in the corner of Adobe’s Creative Cloud family of applications. After Effects has become the industry standard for visual effects, compositing, animation and motion graphics. It is so vast that many people are afraid to even open it. Once you have a grasp of the fundamental principles that form the logic of the application an entirely new world of professional-level tools opens up to you and your students. This two-day intensive gives teachers the necessary experience and understanding to open up After Effects, and the confidence to consider ' how can this work in my classroom?'

​Teachers will be given an introduction to the basics of compositions, layers and the specific way that After Effects uses layers and the timeline. They will gain an in-depth understanding of key-framing, masks, alpha channels, parenting and much more.

The principles will be explained, and teachers will gain hands-on experience as they move through a multilayered project of their own.

Teachers will be provided with sample programs and activities that they can apply in their own schools.


Learning and Teaching Premiere Pro - 2 Day Intensive Workshop

The first step in teaching film and video is editing, and while virtually every teacher has at least access to a copy of Premiere Pro, for most teachers it is intimidating and confusing. The reality is that Premiere Pro is quite an intuitive program but it does require an understanding of why it is doing what it does. Programs such as iMovie or Movie maker seem more accessible because they don’t require this same understanding, however, they are also very limiting in what they actually allow you to do. Premiere Pro is an incredibly powerful tool that is very much an industry standard.

Courses on Video

Courses on video

Video and Film In Practice with classroom exercises

This is a hands-on workshop that gives teachers the opportunity to shoot their own short film and edit it. In the workshop, we will use a range of cameras from Smartphone, DSLRs to RED 8K Cinema cameras. We will cover Lighting, Audio and limited editing using Adobe Premiere Rush.


Video Fundamentalswith classroom exercises

This course is an introduction for teachers into creating and using video as part of their teaching practice. If you have ever wanted to only use part of a video and put it in a PowerPoint, wanted to try flipped learning or wanted to show your students how to record an interview this one day workshop is for you. We will go through the fundamental skills and techniques you need to make better looking and sounding videos and do it as efficiently as possible.


Teaching Film and Video on any budget - 2 Day Intensive Workshop

This 2-day workshop goes through the principles and processes of filmmaking in a hands-on and practical environment. Participants will learn the how and why of each of the essential roles in filmmaking and apply this knowledge in producing their own short film.
Sessions include Editing, Camera movement, Lighting, Capturing sound and Cinematography.

Courses on Photography

Courses on photography

Photography Fundamentals with classroom exercises

Design for anyone wanting to know how you can control the look of your images. We cover camera setting, understanding exposure, how setting effect the focus & movement as well as lighting. We will be taking images in a studio with both flash and continuous lighting. we do also cover some editing in Adobe Lightroom. This is a course for beginners starting with a DSLR and wanting to know how to get the best results.


Photography & Lighting: In the Studio

This workshop introduces students to the fundamentals of studio lighting. Whether for portrait or still life, in the studio, students will learn how to manipulate light and mood to create the desired effect. In-class demonstrations cover the unique properties and use of strobe equipment and continuous light sources, such as tungsten and LED lighting, as well as diffusers, specialized reflectors, focusing elements, and light shapers. Students learn to consider the direction of light, proper exposure, and lighting’s effect on contrast and colour balance. We also examine the properties of various lighting conditions and colour temperature, including mixing daylight with artificial lighting. There will also be Classroom excesses to take back to your school for both still life and portrait photography.


Still Life Photography with classroom activities

This course is for anyone looking to photograph objects. This can be photographing art like paintings & sculptures, Food and products or fleeting reactions like ink in a fish tank. these are some of the things we will learn in this course. We will look at using an iPhone and DSLR, how lenses affect the image, difference in lighting options and how to control it all to get the image. This will all be broken down into projects to take back to your classroom.

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