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Understanding Exposure

Without correct exposure, you are going to have an underexposed image (very dark shot) or an overexposed image (overly bright and loss of highlights). We discuss the best practices for maintaining detail in your images and videos so that you can capture the best exposure for your scenes.

Difference between Flash and Continuous Lights


We discover the differences between ambient window light, flash strobes and continuous lights and how to best use, each of the different qualities of these lights, in your video and photography shoots.

Introduction to Modifiers

Modifiers allow you to diffuse, sharpen, focus and effect the light being projected from your light source. We look at how you can effect the lights using different adapters and how these effects can affect your overall images.

Basics of Composition and Framing

We discuss how important the framing of your footage through composition tricks and tips, and that it is not just about the subject in the frame, but how they relate to the environment around that subject.

Introduction to Video


With the advent of digital photography, we have seen the rise of many cameras and smartphones hone in on video as well. We discuss how you can capture video with your current equipment and what techniques are required to capture well lit, clear audio and professional looking footage.

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