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For Your School

Adding value to your team, your colleagues and your faculty

Every department can learn something from art to science

Every department can learn something from art to science

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Department and Small Group Training

Dragon also runs courses designed specifically for departments and small groups. Make your next faculty PD day interesting, hands-on and collegial, learning something completely new, or extending your knowledge and skills in anything from Photoshop to Studio Lighting to 3D animation. Professional learning activities can be designed to run from an hour up to a whole day; we can even offer professional development retreats.

Program Consultation and Development

With our years of experience equipping schools, developing facilities and writing curricula, Dragon Education can offer a dedicated service to help create programs and resources to suit your school, your students and your skills.

Curriculum Design and Implementation

If you are thinking a little bigger and considering introducing new course electives, or larger programs, Dragon has the experience to offer advice and solutions to grow your department and reach more students with the skills and understanding they need.

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