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NESA Accredited

Dragon Education has a Category 2 Endorsement from NESA for standards 2, 3 and 6. This means that everyone that participates in our incursions will count toward your maintenance of accreditation cycle. Whether you are attending one of our courses or we are running an incursion for you students department it is recognised by NESA.

Learn Photoshop for Photographers with classroom exercises


Learn Photoshop and get classroom projects so you can teach what you learnt. This amazing tool can be a little overwhelming. This course is designed to introduce you to some of the tools.

Photography & Lighting

Students will learn how to manipulate light & mood to create the desired effect. Will examine a range of techniques and their effects soft & warm or bold & graphic. 

Photography Fundamentals


If you want to know how to get the most from your camera this is for you.
We cover camera settings, lighting and editing. This course includes classroom projects to take back to your classroom.

Introduction to Modifiers

Modifiers allow you to diffuse, sharpen, focus and effect the light being projected from your light source. We look at how you can effect the lights using different adapters and how these effects can affect your overall images.

Basics of Composition and Framing

We discuss how important the framing of your footage through composition tricks and tips, and that it is not just about the subject in the frame, but how they relate to the environment around that subject.

Introduction to Video


With the advent of digital photography, we have seen the rise of many cameras and smartphones hone in on video as well. We discuss how you can capture video with your current equipment and what techniques are required to capture well lit, clear audio and professional looking footage.

Contact Us 

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Incursions can be custom made and have been held for half and full day.

They are a good way to get students to learn a lot of information in a day. 

All teachers that attend an incursion will get accredited hours towards there PD. 

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