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Learning and Teaching Adobe Lightroom

Course Details:

Format: Face to face workshop at our Sydney Training facility.

Length: 6 hours 

Cost: $350 (includes lunches, coffee and course materials)


Why should I try this course?

Lightroom is a game changer, if you haven't used it and have a digital camera you will be amazed at just how much of an impact this one application can have on how you take and use your photos and if you are teaching Photography to any age group how this application can transform your classroom.  

Teachers will be given an introduction to the fundamentals of digital photography, digital workflow and Lightroom unique approach to Managing Manipulating and Sharing images. They will gain an in depth understanding of the Modules that form the basis of Lightroom's digital workflow. 

The principles will be explained and teachers will gain hands on experience as they set up their own catalogues and collections as well as making adjustments to composition and levels with individual images.

Teachers will gain an extensive understanding of histograms.

Teachers will  learn about tethered capturing and a range of other tools for analysing and discussing images.

What will I learn?

This course will give you the knowledge and skills to:

  • Import and manage all your digital photographs.

  • Read histograms. 

  • Make informed decisions about how you might use this powerful application in your programming and teaching.

  • Plan and deliver programs and lessons on composition, understanding digital images with histograms, adjusting images 

  • Give informed feedback to your students on their projects and questions that promote critical and creative thinking

  • Preparing images for publishing in a variety of formats including Photobooks.


How will I learn?

The course is presented in 4 sessions over 1 day with a range of learning activities including:

  • Lecture style presentations

  • Small group work and

  • Lots of practical hands on experience with the latest version of the application.

Presenter: Emily Portman

Presented in partnership with TTA

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