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Photography & Lighting: In the Studio

This workshop introduces students to the fundamentals of studio lighting. Whether for portrait or still life, in the studio, students will learn how to manipulate light and mood to create the desired effect. In-class demonstrations cover the unique properties and use of strobe equipment and continuous light sources, such as tungsten and LED lighting, as well as diffusers, specialized reflectors, focusing elements, and light shapers. Students learn to consider the direction of light, proper exposure, and lighting’s effect on contrast and colour balance. We also examine the properties of various lighting conditions and colour temperature, including mixing daylight with artificial lighting. There will also be Classroom excesses to take back to your school for both still life and portrait photography.





6 hours of training, Course PDF, Video access, Food and drinks for the day.



30 minutes

Going through what we will be covering in the day and asking participants about their photography backgrounds to help focus the course on their needs.

Different lighting types and how they affect the image.

30 minutes

Looking at the differences between Florescent, Tungsten, HMI, LED and strobe lighting. Covering the colour temp, CRI, TLCI, Flicker, intensity, flexibility as well as the Pros and Cons of each.

Understanding lighting modifiers.

1 hour

We will be experimenting with umbrellas, softboxes, and grids, students will become familiar with light-control devices, such as fresnel spots, and beauty dishes, including the Mola, snoots, and 3-D reflectors.

Still life photography in the Studio

1 hour and 30 minutes

Using some provided props and anything you may have brought with you for this session, we will start taking photos and looking at the options when lighting a still life. this will be a multi-light setup and will cover high key and low key photography styles.

Photographing people in the studio

1 hour and 30 minutes

In this session, we will take what we have learnt and start layering up the image. This means starting with one light and adding more to get the look we want. We will also look at other image and look at how they were shot. at the end of this session you should have images that you can edit in lightroom.

Lightroom and review

1 hour

Taking the images that we shot during the day we will start to develop them in lightroom. We will also cover how to shoot tethered. this is a quick look at the development part of lightroom and will not cover the entire program but only the development section. we will look at how we can manipulate the image and what we can do to get a better image in-camera.

What To Bring

Bring your camera to take your own photos and your Laptop if you want to actively participate in the lightroom development portion.
There will be some cameras on-site but using yours will give you a better understanding of your equipment.

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