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Learning and Teaching After Effects - 2 Day Intensive Workshop

After Effects is the giant in the corner of Adobe’s Creative Cloud family of applications. After Effects has become the industry standard for visual effects, compositing, animation and motion graphics. It is so vast that many people are afraid to even open it. Once you have a grasp of the fundamental principles that form the logic of the application an entire new world of professional level tools opens up to you and your students. This two-day intensive gives teachers the necessary experience and understanding to open up After Effects, and the confidence to consider ' how can this work in my classroom?'

​Teachers will be given an introduction to the basics of compositions, layers and the specific way that After Effects uses layers and the timeline. They will gain an in-depth understanding of key-framing, masks, alpha channels, parenting and much more.

The principles will be explained, and teachers will gain hands-on experience as they move through a multilayered project of their own.

Teachers will be provided with sample programs and activities that they can apply in their own schools.


​What will I learn?
- This course will give you the knowledge and skills to:
- Create visual effects, animations and motion graphics in Adobe After Effects
- Make informed decisions about how you might use this powerful application in your programming.
- Plan and deliver programs and lessons on compositing, animation and motion graphics.
- Give informed feedback to your students on their projects and questions that promote critical and creative thinking.
- Export projects for viewing, including online, as well as understanding HSC and IB file requirements.


How will I learn?
- The course is presented in eight sessions over two days with a range of learning activities including:
- Lecture style presentations.
- Small group work and
- Lots of practical hands-on experience with the latest version of the application.




2 Days (12 hours) of training, Course PDF, Video access, Food and drinks for the day.

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