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The Perfect Space

to create your own video content.


Having the perfect space means that you can make the video content you need to, when you want to (assuming you can get everyone together). Not having 'the space' means that you would either have to make do with what is available or hire one, which usually comes with its own challenges. 


You have the space

and you want to make it a studio.

There are many types of studios with a huge range of uses. Below are just a few.


Multi-use Studio

A room that is not a full time studio

Let's say that you have a meeting room, office or a classroom that is the right size (min 4m x 3m) and you want to turn it into a studio. We can help. We have solutions that would not affect the default use of the room but still gives you the ability to hit a switch, position your tripod and start shooting. This allows you to keep full use of the room. If this is something you are interested in, let us know by clicking below.

Dedicated Studio

It's only job is to be a studio.

Turn Key

A dedicated studio is a perfect choice for a walk in, hit a switch, start shooting type of studio. This is because, if set up correctly, a dedicated studio space can be left with all the parts already in the correct place, with the correct settings. One downside to this is that if you are planning to do a variety of shoots this setup would limit flexibility.


Flexible Studio Space

This setup is ideal for people that want to be creative. It is designed to allow you to move things around to produce the look you want. Let's say you are shooting an interview, no worries just move the lights where it looks best. Let's say you are doing a flat lay for Instagram, no worries, just move the lights where it looks best. This space does have a major drawback though. You need to know how to use the equipment and know how to position it to get the results you want.


If this is something you are interested in, let us know by clicking below.

Need Help?

These questions will help us come up with the best solution for you!

1. What are you shooting?

Are you shooting an interview, tutorial, a piece to camera or a newsdesk? We would love to know!



2. What equipment do you already have?

Sometimes you can use what you already have, and incorporate it into your new studio!



3. What is the size of the space?

If you can email images + dimensions of your space, this will help us give you the right advice!



4. What is your budget?

This can be tricky but keep in mind how important good videos are. We can try and work with you to keep it around your budget.



5. Can you send us an example?

What type of videos would you like to achieve and do you have any examples of works that have inspired you?


We can use them to come to a good solution!

Others we have Helped

Our customers consist of some of the best in their fields, and these are the ones we have built studios for:


  • UNSW Business School


  • Huffington Post

  • University of Sydney

  • Grays Online

  • John Monash Science School

  • And the list goes on. (but they're my favourites)

Start creating your own content today.

With 3 stores around Australia, contacting us is easy.


  • Sydney (02) 9906 5488

  • Melbourne (03) 9415 8848

  • Brisbane (07) 3219 3803


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