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Make Your own

Video Content


The Perfect Space

so you can create your own video content.

With the right training and equipment.

We can help

Whether you are producing a Polished commercial or a quick youtube video.

  • Creating your own content is easy

  • Develop your video production skills

  • Learn to shoot, Produce and Edit

  • Make content that gets results

  • Live Streaming your production

Who is Dragon

Dragon Image has been around since photography used film and we have seen the photo and video industry change. We decided a long time ago that we were going to go on a journey with our customers. So when photographers moved into video, so did we. We are now one of Australia's biggest suppliers of Professional Photographic, Video Lighting and accessories. We provide more than just equipment, we provide training and consulting. We are here to help you achieve your goals in an ever-changing industry.


We have already been helping.

Our customers consist of some of the best in their fields, and these are the ones we have built studios for:


  • UNSW Business School


  • Huffington Post

  • University of Sydney

  • Grays Online

  • John Monash Science School

  • And the list goes on. (but they're my favourites)


Don't let the fear of not knowing stop you.

We can teach through:

  • Workshops

  • One on one training 

  • Specialised courses

  • Practice shoots

  • Consulting 


Start creating your own content today.

With 3 stores around Australia, contacting us is easy.


  • Sydney (02) 9906 5488

  • Melbourne (03) 9415 8848

  • Brisbane (07) 3219 3803


Don't forget to visit our retail site.

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