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Photo & Video Training

Interested in learning more about photo and video? We can help with workshops on a range of subjects

What we offer

You, Your Students, Your School...

Relevant, Accessible, Hands-On Professional Learning for Everyone...

We understand the importance of making your professional learning interesting and relevant. You want to be engaged and actually learn something useful, and you want to be able to use that learning in your classroom. That is why the emphasis, with all our courses, is on application; every session is accompanied by resources, programs, and handouts so that you can use the knowledge and skills that you develop with your students and colleagues.

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For you:

Dragon Education and Training offer professional learning opportunities to satisfy your maintenance of accreditation and offer you the chance to engage in hands-on training.


For your students:

Our studios and classroom teaching environment means we can cater for a wide range teaching and learning activities across virtually every subject area.


For your school:

Dragon can deliver seminars, workshops, and training for individual departments, or for the entire staff at your school. 

If you are a Head of Department, or if the solutions you require are more applicable to a team or faculty we offer even more

Vivian - Cecil Hills High School

Vivian - Cecil Hills High School

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