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Still Life Photography with classroom activities

This course is for anyone looking to photograph objects. This can be photographing art like paintings & sculptures, Food and products or fleeting reactions like ink in a fish tank. these are some of the things we will learn in this course. We will look at using an iPhone and DSLR, how lenses affect the image, the difference in lighting options and how to control it all to get the image. This will all be broken down into projects to take back to your classroom. 





6 hours of training, Course PDF, Video access, Food and drinks for the day.


Day overview of the day

15 minutes

In this session, we will discuss what we will be doing throughout the day, looking at examples of what we want to produce and find out the photography level of the participants. this will allow us to spend more time on what is important to the group.

Photo Fundamentals

30 minutes

In this session, we will quickly go over the exposure triangle and how it relates to still life photography.

Understanding the equipment

1 hour

in this session, we are looking at the equipment we will be using throughout the day. this will cover lighting options, lighting modifiers, camera supports, Cameras and lenses and other accessories.

Camera Setting and their effects.

45 minutes

In this session, we will cover how the camera setting and lens selection will affect your image. due to the nature of still life photography, some creative options can be achieved.

Project one: clean white cutout

1 hour

Project one is to photograph an object in front of a white background that will later be cut out of the background in photoshop. we will break up into small groups. this will be a very basic component of the object in the centre of the frame with white around the outside. this will require that the entire object is in focus. once we have taken the photos we will take them into photoshop to remove the backgrounds.

Project two - Different perspectives.

30 minutes

Project two is to photograph an object from a different point of view.
We will break up into small groups and everyone will photograph the same object. we will then look at all the image and discuss what each image is saying and how people see different things.

Project three - visual communication

45 minutes

Project three is about photographing an object with other objects and looking at if those objects help the objective of the image. this might be as simple as photographing a coke with a glass of ice or a ball on grass.
We will break up into small groups and everyone will photograph a scene.
the objective is to communicate more with the extra objects.

Project four - Drama with lighting and background.

1 hour and 15 minutes

Project four is about modifying light and adding backgrounds in order to create a mood or emotion.
I will demonstrate the different ways you can use the lights and the modifiers. then we will break up into small groups and everyone will adjust the lights to suit their objective. we will then look at the images as a group and discuss if it was successful

What To Bring

participants should bring a laptop and a DSLR camera. We do have some cameras but it is good to learn on what you have.

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